Small Updates

The last few days I've been making small changes to the world API. The complete rewrite of the heraldry library is still in progress, but I wanted to get a few things completed, and the rewrite is a huge undertaking.

Most of the new changes are to the resource system and won't necessarily appear in the site's generator results. For example, I added insects, which includes bees. The only place you'll see that reflected in the generator is honey showing up in the food styles for cultures sometimes.

However, I also added a traveling merchant generator to the API. The results are interesting enough that I'll be putting together a UI for it to expose on the website. I may or may not do that this weekend. My main focus is still the heraldry rewrite, though, and that takes priority.

I also added metal alloys, cacti, and several kinds of distilled beverages to the resource system. None of this shows up yet anywhere but the merchant generator.

At some point, I'm going to need to rewrite the culture generator's food and drink components to make use of the resource system.