The Heraldry Generator now rewritten

The final part of the old “World API” has been rewritten in PHP as part of the core Iron Arachne site. The heraldry generator was the last piece, and now it's done. I know I said there wouldn't be any more major changes for awhile, but I happened to find the time to get this sorted out.

This brings with it some changes. First, it's faster, and lighter. I did not expect that. Second, it supports multiple arrangements of charges; if you get a design with three, they might be arranged vertically, horizontally, or in a triangle. Third, charges can now appear “in chief” or “in base” in addition to just centrally located.

Also, the lineart is no longer quite so jagged. There are some minor issues, though, which I will be working to address. The ordinaries (plain shape charges like circles) have been temporarily removed. Some charges look a little blurry in some cases.

Go take a look at the new heraldry generator!