Status of Iron Arachne projects, Dec 2018

The number of generators is growing and I'm evolving how I structure new ones. The first big change was when I moved a bunch of repeated code out into its own Go repository called utility. The next big change is a little more subtle. I'm starting to use dep to manage dependencies, which for the small projects means nothing, but for the bigger ones it's a significant shift.

Speaking of the bigger projects, worldgen is underway. It's the program that will wrap all of the others and produce an entire setting. I haven't worked on it in a few weeks, though, as my work on WriteFreely and Mysteries of a Broken World (which you can read about on the blog Accio Inspirante) and attendant concerns have taken up most of my time.

I don't foresee spending much time on Iron Arachne-specific projects during December because of this. When I come back to it in January, though, I will be focusing on worldgen.