Organizations and Pennons!

Another big update today. Organizations have been expanded and added as a major component of the site alongside cultures, regions, and heraldry. This was partly inspired by September's rpg_generators challenge, but also because I've been meaning to enhance them for awhile.

Names and traits of organizations have been tweaked to add more variety. Several new heraldic charges were added specifically to make organization heraldry make more sense. Factions were added to give organizations more character and internal variety.

The other big addition is pennons; sometimes called pennants. These triangular variations of heraldry are now included alongside regular heraldic devices on new heraldry generated. They're also used as part of the organizations.

In order to add pennons, I had to implement parsing a blazon to recreate a device. That feature isn't exposed to users yet, but it makes some other features possible, like generating new artwork from existing heraldry.

Here's an example of how a pennon compares to its device:

Notice how there's only one charge in the pennon, and the tinctures have been simplified. This is by design.

There will be new features based on this concept in the future, so keep an eye out for them!