New site is live!

After nearly two months of work, the new Iron Arachne website is live. This was a huge undertaking. I rewrote everything except for the heraldry system from Go to PHP. It's a little slower as a result in some places, but it allows me much greater freedom in certain things.

Many of the generators saw changes as part of this rewrite. Some were completely altered, like the town generator. Others were removed entirely, like the building style generator for cultures. Some of the ones that were removed will be coming back in a much more refined form. I really want to do the building style generator justice, for example.

Also, the site design has been massively updated. I'm no longer using a CSS framework for the site, and have written all the CSS by hand. All of the icons you see are artwork that I purchased licenses for. I'm really happy with them, and I have a ton more waiting in my library for use in new generators.

Next on the docket are a ton of little changes I've been planning forever. There won't be any more major changes for awhile.