About the Data Core and a new database server

Data Core's alpha is online and I'm very pleased with it so far. Once it's ready for use, I'll publish the link here so curious folks can check it out.

As I've been developing it, I've noticed a few things that using it will allow me to change in the World API. For example, it will let me set up a faster search system, as well as a way to set up relationships between tags that's both performant and useful.

A Dedicated Database

The databases for Data Core, Iron Arachne, and the Iron Arachne Blog are all now hosted on a dedicated database server provided by Digital Ocean. That means my monthly cost to run IA has increased by $30, but the speed boost and the ease of management is well worth it.

At some point I might consider setting up paid memberships with additional features to help defray that cost, but for the time being I'm happy to continue paying it myself.